Essential oil 1/2 oz. $27.00

Lavender Oil has been found to suppress the production of Cortisol in the adrenal glands, there by reducing anxiety and stress.

1 drop directly on skin blemishes speeds up the healing process and avoids scarring. 

5 to 12 drops in a warm bath to help relaxation and soothe the skin (can be added to other bath products - pure Lavender oil blends well with natural flower and citrus scents and most bath fragrances). 

A few drops on cuts or burns speeds up healing and avoids scarring.  a few drops added to pot-pourri to refresh with exquisite scent.

  A few drops on a cotton ball to put in linen drawers or closets as a moth and insect repellent. 

A few drops on a cloth thrown into the dryer as an antibacterial deodorizer and clothes freshener. 

A few drops on your pillow to relax and calm and improve quality of sleep.  It can safely be added to Jacuzzi (not oily, and does not bubble).

Essential oil 1/2 oz. $27.00
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